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Peace Ambassador Resources

CLARA Method for Conflict De-escalation

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The CLARA Method (Calm & Listen, Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add Information) for conflict de-escalation

Understanding Fear & How to Handle It

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Fear is a normal reaction to situations of extreme tension or stress. It can be
beneficial when used as a red flag and warning. But it's important to opt for action over paralysis.

Know Your Rights

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Understand the Do's and Don'ts of Demonstrating, Obtaining Permits and Interacting with Police, Protected Speech, Civil Disobediece and Arrests, and additional Resources.

Hand-out on Violent Groups and How to Respond

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Learn about groups that advocate violent confrontation, including those from the Alt-Right and the left, the cost of confrontation and how to respond to those provoking confrontation.

March-Specific Resources

Chain of Command

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Chain of Command for Peace Ambassadors and Safety Monitors

2018 Women's March Route

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Route for 2018 Women's March from City Hall to Arena Green

2018 Women's March Arena Green Map

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Map of the Arene Green Set-up for 2018 Women's March SJ

Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form

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Required for all volunteers including Peace Ambassadors/Safety Monitors

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