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"Nonviolence is the greatest and most active force in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi



The Gandhi team is a group of committed individuals who care about a diverse set of issues of justice and peace. We are a blend of lifelong activists and new leaders with extensive experience in social ministry, justice, outreach and nonviolence. What unites us is our passion to stand in solidarity for social change and to teach others about active nonviolence, as a worldview, way of life, and a means of working toward that change. We collaborate with Campaign Nonviolence, Pace e Bene foundation, and activists from San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Metta Center fro Nonviolence, and the Diocese of San Jose. We are Joanna Thurmann, Lorin Peters, George Stachnik, Monica Rising, Stan Taylor, Andre Sosinski and Francesca Paist. 

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